What are JAM Sessions?

JAM Sessions bring together small business owners to build great strategic plans together in a unique, interactive process that uses group sessions and 1-on-1 coaching.  Participants learn from an accomplished Business Coach who leads the sessions and from each other.  The program provides a strategic plan framework that is completed over the course of the 6-month program. Facilitated discussions introduce learnings and innovative ideas that entrepreneurs can incorporate in their plans to improve business effectiveness and efficiency.

JAM Sessions bring together people from a variety of industries, educational backgrounds, lifestages, experiences and more to create diversity of thought which leads to incredibly creative ideas generated for your business.  You will accomplish more together than you ever could on your own.

One spot in every JAM Team is gifted to a local non-profit.  A call for nominations is used to identify deserving organizations.



The demands of running a business can be overwhelming and business success often comes at the expense of personal satisfaction and well-being.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a greater sense of control over your business and your life?

The key to achieving this success starts with building a strong foundation - without it, you lack focus and capacity.

A strong business foundation involves understanding who your best customers are and the needs your business fulfills for them. It’s about taking this knowledge and building an organization, as well as directing resources, to relentlessly serve these best customers – from the products or services you sell to the culture you foster to the organizational structure and processes you build.

JAM Sessions help you build a strong business foundation and develop plans to achieve your business and personal goals.  It's hard work to do on your own, but with the support of a Business Coach and a diverse group of entrepreneurs, it is very achievable.



Brainstorm solutions to your business struggles with your JAM Team,  who acts as a sounding board for tough decisions or provides objective advice and  perspectives. They often face similar challenges and can provide insights in ways that others cannot.


Running your business from a plan will accelerate the achievement of  your goals.  A plan makes you less reactive, helps you prioritize and keeps you focused.  We’ll help you build your plan, challenging your thinking and we’ll hold you accountable to achieve your goals.



JAM Sessions are energizing, inspiring and provide a break from the isolation of the day-to-day running of your business.  You’ll make new friends and develop lasting relationships with people who get you, understand your business and want you to succeed.


Who is this for?

What outcomes can I expect?

• Greater understanding of your leadership style and how to be more effective
• Clarity of who your best customers are and how to attract and retain more of them
• A clear plan documenting where you want your business to be in 3-5 years, how you will get there and an action plan to make it happen
• Improved business efficiency by systemizing repeatable processes, leveraging technology, and outsourcing and partnering strategically
• Fresh perspectives to help you make better decisions 
• Clarity of the organizational culture required to be successful and how to achieve it
• Increased confidence and better business results


Now Accepting Registration

6 – month program.  Maximum 12 participants.  Starting January 2019.



Monthly Facilitated Sessions

Monthly 4-hour group sessions.  Professional facilitation to create an engaging environment that delivers the best outcomes, optimizing value for time. Learn innovative strategies to grow your revenue, make better decisions, work more efficiently, increase your leadership effectiveness and much more.  Document it in an actionable business plan.

One-on-One Coaching

1 hour onboarding session to prepare participants to get the maximum benefit from the experience.  Ongoing coaching sessions to provide individual support, to help you overcome obstacles and to ensure your personal success are available as part of the premium package or can be purchased by the hour.

Pricing and What You Get


Jane Iannacone is a natural connector, expert team builder, incredible coach and is an active member of the business community.

Jane brings 20 years of experience helping leaders, teams and organizations build capability to increase effectiveness and performance.  Jane employs direct and practical approaches and ensures clients grow their capabilities as they achieve the next level of success.


Jane is the founder of Jigsaw Performance, where she helps entrepreneurs improve their effectiveness by stepping into their leadership roles and setting direction, building company culture and developing action plans to achieve short and long term objectives.


Jane's clients appreciate her energetic style, positive attitude and ability to ask the right questions that challenge them to rethink what is possible and leaves them motivated and ready to take on the next challenge.


Jane is the mother of two active boys and can frequently be found cheering on their hockey teams at arenas throughout the BC Lower Mainland.


I’ve run a successful business for the past 24 years.  Success comes with challenges, and the departure of my right-hand employee of 20 years, nearly stretched me to the breaking point.  Working with Jane helped me to look at my business in a different way.  As a result, I have introduced needed processes and structure necessary to support continued growth, including doubling the size of my team.  This was a big shift for me, but such a welcome change that has built sustainability into my business and given me better work-life balance. Joining the JAM Sessions has provided me with the discipline and accountability to continue this journey.  I’m happy to say that business is booming and we’re ready for it!

Joan Walker

We are very thankful to Jane for accepting us into her JAM Sessions and are proud to be a part of the first cohort.  There are so many aspects of this program that have added great value as we grow our business. The dynamics of collaborating with other hardworking, dedicated and creative entrepreneurs from a variety of industries is more powerful than I would have imagined.  Our new colleagues have been excellent advisors for sales/marketing and operations decisions.

Most importantly, we are inspired by Jane’s enthusiasm and so appreciative of her encouragement, ideas and coaching over the past year to help us discover our own strengths.  Our company has seen incredible growth from Jane’s recommendations, high level of professionalism and solid business advice, with immediate exponential growth in one aspect of the business.    We would highly recommend working with Jane for any start-up or established company.  Thank you, Jane!

Erin Flynn Partner, Newcomers Canada

As a new business owner, planning seems to always get pushed off to the backburner.  The JAM Sessions have been of huge value to me, in providing both a framework to make a business plan, and the accountability to follow through and get it done.  Our monthly peer meetings are always time well spent.  I walk out of those meetings recharged, inspired and with some practical advice from fellow business leaders.

Setting goals, and making a practical plan to work towards them is something I work on with my clients every day for their employment law problems.  It has been really eye-opening to step back and apply that approach to my business.

Sara Forte Owner, Forte Law

Successfully running a non-profit takes all our focus and energy. The JAM Sessions provided tools, strategies and formulas that augmented our goals and has encouraged our business to grow in a more productive way, while recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Being a member of the JAM Sessions provided me with an honest and unique appraisal of my business issues. The resulting clarity, additional tools/skills and organizational effectiveness techniques, all assisted me to build a stronger organization.

Sue McIntosh Executive Director, Seniors Come Share Society

Jane is great at getting you back on track, thinking about what your true goals are (or could be) and creating a pathway forward. She communicates with you in a way that is encouraging and realistic that ensures you are both aligned on what are next steps.

Clay Dubé smak

Jane Iannacone is the most skilled facilitator with whom I’ve worked in more than 25 years of business. From the outset, she quickly grasped our vision, business model and culture. She worked closely with our leadership team to customize our program and then facilitated the full day session with purpose, energy, warmth, knowledge and insight. If you’re looking for a facilitator who will put the pieces of your organization’s puzzle together and catalyze outstanding performance, you will find that person in Jane Iannacone. She exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend her.

Catherine Goulet CEO @ zenGOT


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